Recreate an AT+ production based only with the added new photos

Some times on the working process we need to add photos in order to have a better model, or in order to replace bad ones. in a case that we already create a model we need to recreate all the model again.

It could be nice and time saving if we could recreate the AT and then the model using only the delta of the photos we add and not to run again the AT and Model based on all the data (or maybe only the Model, could be easier).

  • Also maybe an option to set which images not to use for production and only for alignment. For example if there is tree front so it is not plastered on facade we could mark this image as not usable for texture but I do not want to delete it as it may help to aerotriangulate other photos which go around the tree. Yes it is possible to mask but as no tools exists for mask creation in CC it is too time consuming.