over 1 year ago

fly through option

Hello  everyone,

We have recently completed the reality modeling for a 20 square kilometers area in Dubai. We would like to produce a fly through of the model in order to present it to our client so they can purchase bentley software but it is impossible to do that in context capture editor. It would be nice to add this feature to context capture editor since it helps a lot to convince our clients to proceed with drone surveys using context capture and moreover to buy Bentley licenses for their technical department.

  • You could use ContextCapture Viewer to create your animation.

  • Hi Dimitrios,

    Yes unfortunately ContextCapture Editor doesn't include the Animation module that can be found with MicroStation/Descartes.

    If you also have access to MicroStation or Descartes you can use any of those application to create flythrough with the Animation module.

    Even better, with recent MicroStation Connect edition you can also use LumenRT to create very beautifully rendered animation.