server/ microstation hang issues


We have just recently upgraded our infrastructure at two sites within the organization. Both site have two servers replicating on a dfs solution and configured exactly the same at each site. At one site everything runs smoothly, at the other site users are continually  receiving messages from microstation/ powerdraft when they open/ close files......'unable to save deign file. Most likely, network connection was lost. Do you want Retry....?' or runs painfully slow when trying to choose a command

We are not running dgn file indexer, as we have had previous problems on an older server, again receiving the same message.

our external IT guys have done some testing and we seem to find spikes in the network, when Microstation/ powerdraft produces the above. Their quick solution is to turn off the dfs, which resolves the problem, but defeats the object of us having a disaster recovery solution. Plus as mentioned we have the same configuration at another site with no problems

any advice/ help greatly be appreciated