Project Explorer : Mix Folder Link and Configuration variable link


Is it possible to create a link which mix  Folder Link and Configuration Variable Link ?

With a Folder Link, I can have very quickly all the content of a specific folder (folders and subfolders and so on),

but I have all the files .

With a Configuration Variable (with Filters), I can have only *.dgn or Design models, but all in the same hierarchy (without folders and subfolders)

So what I whish is to have the possibility to have a folder link with filter

all the folders and subfolders with only a type of file (eg. dgn)

Is it possible ?

Or is there a way to define a config variable like this

MY_VARIABLE = C:\My_Project\*\*.dgn

like in bncv or bprc files :  SOURCE=C:\temp\*\ 

Thanks in Advance.