Best way for a design office manager get office under control

Hi Guys

I'm a fairly experienced design office manager who has taken a new role.  There are ~20 drafters using a mixture of V8i, SS2 and SS3, AutoCAD and Solid works.  All the resource files are installed locally (C:). I have seen two different license servers so far (select server).  Everyone has created there own text styles and cell libraries etc.

I have Bentley CAD admin training and ~12 CAD programming/ drafting experience.  I'm setting up a network build but experience tells me that implementing the change through instruction will be an uphill battle.

I've done this before but never with such a fragmented system, Would love to hear from others who have managed something similar.

Any ideas on how to get notification if a user is still using their own build?  or force users to use a particular build?