Config file in appl folder breaks SS3

Hi Everyone

We run SS2 but I've just had my machine re-imaged SS3 was installed.  We have a CFG file in the appl folder that breaks SS3 but is ok with SS2.   The CFG file contents are 

%if exists (\\Networkfilepath\CAD_Build\Microstation\WorkSpace\ADM.cfg)
%include \\Networkfilepath\CAD_Build\Microstation\WorkSpace\ADM.cfg

even if \\Networkfilepath\CAD_Build\Microstation\WorkSpace\ADM.cfg is a blank file or non existent the problem occurs.

When the CFG files is in the aapl folder the "Task" toolbar does not appear and the "Main" tool bar is empty.

Any help appreciated.

Here's what the main toolbar looks like