Sheet Index and selected files not belonging to active workset.

I am currently setting up some standard information and was setting up the sheet index but kept coming across "the selected file does not belong to the active workset". Having read through the forums and tried various fixes like "file associateworkset" with no sucess, I have managed to tie the problem down to the config variable _USTN_WORKSETDGNS pointing to one directory and the files not being in this directory. If i move a file to this directory and add to the sheet index everything works okay, i can even move it back to the required directory and the sheet index will still open the correct file even after restarting microstation. Is there anyway to allow individual files to be in seperate directories.

This only seems to be an issue when you are creating new files from "File New" and selecting your required seed file, maybe this is not the way to do it now. If I have a file and add a model to that file it has the ability to add to index, which is not availble for "File New", but this means I have to create my file and then add a model to allow it to be indexed.

Many thanks for your help


currently using microstation connect update7 on windows10