How are default WorkSet Properties modified

When a workset is created, there is an option to create new WorkSet Properties.  These can be added and edited later from the workset menu.

There are also default Workset Properties such as Project Name, Project Number, etc.  Where can these properties be modified?  The workset menu only shows the properties I created.  Under the File Properties within a DGN there is a section called WorkSet Properties where I can see both the default and user added properties (all properly greyed out since they shouldn't be edited within the file).  But I can only edit the ones I added.  How do I edit the default Workset Properties?

I'm investigating using the workset properties to populate sheet number block items such as the "Project Number" that will go on all sheets.  Once the Workset Properties are set and all the pertinent properties can be edited; is it possible to save that as a workset template (to be used on all projects)?

(I've also tested using properties within the Sheet Index properties, and have the same question about having a DGNWS template.)

Using OpenRoads Designer Version 10.04.00