[CE] Connect Workspaces vs V8i Workspaces - Is there Documentation Available to Explain Equivalency and Additions?

While we are still working in V8i, we are also watching Connect Edition developments as we know we will eventually wind up there.

What I am looking for a some type of explanations and guidance on Connect Edition Workspaces and what is new, what has been migrated. I'm pretty comfortable in my V8i Workspace and modifying them. But Connect seems to be a new beast, with new terminology and I was hoping that there is some guidance available, rather than having to brute force my way into Connect Workspaces.

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  • Shaylesh has included a table of contents for configuration blogs which helps with navigation.

    Some fundamental points are:

    • Redirection to the network Custom Configuration is made by ConfigurationSetup.cfg on each machine which is easiest to deploy using a installation deployment image. That is the only file that has to change on each machine.
    • Your Custom Configuration  contains one Organization. (This was the V8i WorkSpace, we have reused this word...)
    • The Organization contains as many WorkSpaces as you require to accommodate departments, serial clients, joint ventures or whatever other admin/org divisions are appropriate. (In V8i this kind of division was commonly implemented via the UCF. The UCF contains very little in CE.)
    • Individual project's data are contained in the WorkSets within each WorkSpace.

    Standards can be defined and stored at any of these three levels depending on the granularity/control/variation required. These choices may also be guided by archiving requirements as John has indicated.

    The start from scratch approach has a lot to commend it, build the structure then pull resources from V8i into the appropriate places. Obviously that is a simplification, but it should filter out configuration "tricks" that were needed to work around V8i that are hopefully not relevant to CE?



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