Projects/worksets - what is the benefit to us?

I know that I am probably opening myself up to a load of grief but anyway!!  

As part of the CE Bentley have been pushing us the users towards the use of ‘worksets’ and seemingly removing access to parts of the program if we don’t use them. E.g sheet indiexing.

Our company has never used worksets (projects) in all the 25+ years that we have been using MicroStation. The main reason for this is that there doesn’t appear to be any benefit for us to go down this route. This is mainly due to the setup we have. We have, on our server, a copy of the system/standards install folders which include one customised DGNLIB, one customised .upf, one customised seed file and a number of pltcfg files which have been set up to work directly with various printers on the network. We also have a set of company drawing title sheets. At the time of install MicroStation is then pointed to this server folder. There are separate folders for CE and v8i.

These files give us everything (tools, levels, etc) that we need to be able to produce models and drawings for whatever client that we work with. We don’t need or use customised drawing title sheets, unless a particular client wants his logo adding. The logo is added to one sheet and then model copied in one 'drawing sheets' file.

The other item that we have on the server is a standard 'Project folder structure' which includes separate folders for drawings, documents, correspondence, etc. This is the first thing that is copied and renamed for every new job that we have. This means that we have no need to create any additional folders as part of worksets. In fact we are not allowed to create any new folders.  

Based on the above, the question to all you workset users is what is the benefit to us? At this time I can’t see one but am open to suggestions!