[v8i] Error: Unable to load/create dialog item of type 'IconCmd', id=29 from dialog "MGDSHOOK", solutions in wiki do not work

Edited to add:  I've tracked the below down to occurring only when MS_DGNAPPS = RUNMACRO is set, regardless of whether MS_DGNMACROS is set or not. 

Another discovery:  This actually happens if MS_DGNAPPS variable EXISTS.  Even if it's set to nothing.  Which I think means I can't actually fix it for anyone else without a complete overwrite of the .ucf file.  Is there any way to save an "ActiveWorkspace.RemoveConfigurationVariable" command like there is with an "AddConfigurationVariable"?

I thought this was related to a conflict between a local custom menu/toolbox (.dgnlib with .r01), but even after deleting these entirely, removing all user preference files and configuration variables that point to them, and taking the steps in the Wiki entry below to restore Microstation Powerdraft to defaults, the problem persists.



(I ran this as admin, but note other users on our site will not be able to do so): https://communities.bentley.com/products/microstation/w/microstation__wiki/8671/restore-microstation-to-factory-defaults

This error appears when selecting Tools... Geographic.  Menu entry #1 is missing entirely.  I am not familiar with the tool that belongs there and do not think we even use it.  One user reported that he first saw this after running a macro and following that, when he would attempt to place text it was significantly offset from his cursor, but I have not been able to replicate that.

We have several versions of Microstation Powerdraft v8i installed throughout the company, which may or may not have had the menus working correctly - many people had no macros installed or did not know how to use them.

I have SS1 Version and SS2 installed on Windows 7, and both have this issue.  The user who brought it up to me is using SS1 Version on Windows 10.

I do not seem to have the menu options shown in the first wiki link above which list the Icon ID.  There is no "Application- Tool Reference" menu


Is there anything else I can try to resolve this, since it persists even after removing the .DGNLIB and config variables referencing it?  I cannot reinstall Powerdraft for all users, but I can push any files or settings which don't require admin access to all users, such as a repaired .dgnlib or user config variables.