Attach reference dialog defaults to interactive when starting a new session

We've observed that MicroStation (PowerGeopak SS4) is defaulting to the Interactive method to attach reference files in our current setup and cannot figure out why. It only happens in our regular networked workspace and not in the ProjectWise workspace. The ProjectWise workspace remembers the user's previous setting, but the networked workspace always defaults back to Interactive when a new session is started, even if the user last chose CoincidentWorld or another method from the Attach Reference dialog box.

Both workspaces use MS_REF_DEFAULTSETTINGS = "snap=1,trueScale=0,attachMethod=world,useAnnotationScale=0,synchWithSavedView=none,nestOverrides=never"

I suspect something in the user interface is either missing, write-locked, or defaulting back to a site-level location. How can I test this?

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