Connect Layout Configuration for Laptop

When setting up Connect (in this case MicroStation and/or OpenRoads Designer), what's the most effective way to have multiple screen layouts for a laptop. When at the office, the user has three screens (the laptop's and two desktop monitors) but when they're mobile they just have the laptop screen. They'd like to have an easy way to switch between the two scenarios so that their CAD screen layouts are correct in either case.

  • As each new version comes in we need more screen space. I've used 2 screens from day1 (Intergraph/MS Computing), Connect could use 3.

    Unless there is a real specific reason, I would not use the same interface set-up on your laptop that you use with the desktop.

    For space saving, things I've done (to keep from buying another monitor). Common commands/key-ins on function keys. Hide the Ribbon. Use the right click for simple tasks. Dock often used items to the left and right edge of the screen. Avoid the temptation to make the text real small, even if you can read it, your eye muscles pull, and you'll pay for this in years to come, keep stuff large enough to be easily readable.

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