The Explorer – Part Five: The Sheet Index tab

So my question to this blog is why do you have to have a workset to have a sheet index. Surely you can have a Sheet Index without one?

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  • So... does that mean that, if I want a sheet index, I need to have a workset just for that set of sheets?

    Yes you need a workset to have a sheet index.  The files associated to the workset are what you are indexing. A file can not be in two indexes.

    s in, I'm going to have to have a workset created for every single project we have?

    You will need a WorkSet for how your data is organized. If it is by project then yes you need a workset per project.

    What about different phases of the same project (which may require a different sheet index)?

    You can either put a different phase of a project in a different workset or a different folder of original workset.

    Do I need MORE than one workset per project?

    It all depends on how you separate your data. If its project or project.phase that is up to you.

    A workset is just a container for things that are associated to one another across how you assemble the information.