Separate path for workset folder and cfg


I'm trying to make some changes to my setup of worksets in connect edition. Right now I have set the worksetroot to the following in my workset.cfg

_USTN_WorkSetROOT = P:\Proj18\$(_USTN_WORKSETNAME)\3 Projektering\K\

And my workspacesroot and down the line also the worksetsroot set to:

_USTN_WORKSPACESROOT = R:\Bentley\Workspaces\

This is because all our company's projects have it's own folder in P:\proj18 for projects created in 2018, no matter if we use microstation, revit or something else and we didn't want the .cfg file in that folder as well. But now I want to use the template function when creating a new workset to copy all folders and files from the template. Here's the weird part.

I created a new workspace called workspaceTest. Copied the buildingtemplate_SE (running aecosim but I guess that doesn't make any difference in the end) both folder and .cfg file to the new workspace's folder. When I now create a new workset called test1 with the buildingtemplate_SE as template a new folder and file named test1 is created in R:\Bentley\Workspaces\WorkspaceTtest\WorkSets alongside the buildingtemplate_se folder and cfg file. Now I copy the buildingtemplate_SE's folder to P:\Proj18 and change to  _USTN_WorkSetROOT = P:\Proj18\$(_USTN_WORKSETNAME)/ in the buildingtemplate_SE.cfg. When I then create a new workset called test2 with buildingtemplate_SE as template a folder called test2 is created in R:\Bentley\Workspaces\WorkspaceTtest\WorkSets, not in P:\Proj18. But when I try to open a file in the workset test2 an error says the path P:\proj18\test2\design can't be found. 

So, is there a variable available to separate the folder from the cfg file in some way? 



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