Digitizer replacement

. I just received a Windows 10 workstation and I currently run Bentley's Microstation V8i SelectSeries4, using the software pulldown menus. I was using a digitizing table with a digitizer controller. The model of the table is ALTEK ACT 36048-3NBI0, it's approximately 58"w x 46"h with the floating menu. The digitizer controller is an old Intergraph FTIS 0440C w/ a 12 button digitizing (mapping) cursor. I'm told the equipment (table, controller and menu) are not Windows 10 compliant (I'm guessing it's just the Wintab driver) and will not work with the new workstation. Does anyone have a suggestion for anything that would take the place of my older equipment and work with the new OS. I don't need a digitizing table just a device that would allow me to use the menu's supplied with Microstation?

Wes Black