How to launch MS Connect Edition in OS language (or english at last)

Dear all.

Hopefully someone is able to help me with my weird language issue:

I just deployed the latest version (U11) of MS CE to some clients, silent install via sccm including the main setup in english as well as the german language pack afterwards.

I wonder why MS doesn't launch in the OS language on first launch like normal apps would do? It seems to launch always in "de" , most properly due to the installed LP. 

-> "MS_CULTURE=en"   seems to be  also ignored. Still launches in german. Switching languages in the preferences works but Bentley could explain chinese workes how to switch from German to English, I would not .

How is this initial launch language been set? I need to modifiy that to english or better to the OS language (as said, normal professional better quality apps do so) I can see some variables been set like _USTN_LOCALE_LANGUAGE which are locked. Maybe Bentley trie sto get the OS language but has trouble to get this language correctly?

By the way. The mighty great bentley Connection Client (everybody loves it) is able to launch in the OS language by default. Thats great.

Thanks and best regards


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  • As far as I remember such behaviour was never described / promised by Bentley.

    nobody talks abt a promise, but that simply logical or do u want to have a chinese MS on an US OS simply due to the fact that u installed the chinese language pack afterwards?

    So please act professional and and keep that as an improvement in mind. Think about to implement what almost every freeware does. Launch in native OS language until the user decides differently  - or english by default. I dont want to create site specific deployment taks by the fact that Bentley doenst want to implement an improvement. 

  • Hi Mathias,

    but that simply logical

    well, the problem is that "logic" can vary a lot depending on context, company, country etc. I have experienced a lot of situations when e.g. US software works in a way that was logical from US customers perspective, but was very problematic in context of Easter Europe countries.

    do u want to have a chinese MS on an US OS simply due to the fact that u installed the chinese language pack afterwards?

    Yes ... of course not Chinese. It looks very logical that when there is e.g. English MicroStation and a user installed also Czech language pack, he want to use it. I know a lot of users (not only MicroStation) who use English (or German) localization with Czech Windows (an I saw it in Poland, Germany and other countries also), despite of the software is able to "be synchronized" with Windows localization.

    Reasons are different and always logic in specific context and users' priorities and needs, e.g. because of poor localization, some people prefer to use other language because they are fluent in used terminology or simply because it's project requirement, when other team is in different country and it's easier to cooperate using exactly the same GUI, despite of Windows can use different languages.

    So please act professional

    Who? Me? I am not aware about any unprofessional-ism from my side. The fact I have different opinion about discussed topic I guess has no relation whether it's professional or not.

    And I accept that my opinion, based on 30 year long IT and dev experience in context of Easter Europe (with many languages and dialects and software often not localized, where to use different language can be better solution than to use English or vice versa) can be very different from the opinion from other place on the world.

    and and keep that as an improvement in mind.

    That's not clear to who you address this request. To me? Because I am not Bentley employee, I have the same freedom and power to define MicroStation development as you and as any other user.

    Think about to implement what almost every freeware does.

    My experience is very different (nearly completely). The most of freeware don't take care about any localization and my feeling is (so it's very subjective) that the most of software ask during an installation or when it's started for the first time, what language should be used. And only when something like "default" is used, a try to find language equal to Windows locale is done.

    With regards,