OpenRoads Designer Installed via Layout Installing To Different Folders


I have 2 users, both using OpenRoads Designer CONNECT.  User A has been using it since a really early version and gets his updates through CONNECT Client most of the time. 

User B just had the latest version (Update 4) installed for the first time along side Microstation CONNECT.

When I was asked to install the software on user B's machine, I made a layout image using the latest installer.  I only change the target of the workspace environment. Everything else is default.

After I installed it on the 2nd users computer, I got complaints that the configuration files weren't working right and the problem seemed to be that the folder names were different in C:\ProgramData. 

Sure enough, the oldest installation had a folder structure as C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer

The newer installation had a folder structure of C"\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer

After trying to manually remove OpenRoads from the older installation it would return to the same folder name.  I removed all folders and registry items with OpenRoads in the name manually prior to re-installation. 

I also ran the layout image on a 3rd computer that had no other CONNECT software installed.  It gave yet a 3rd folder name of C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE!

All 3 installations were from the same layout files.  How do I make sure these all install to the same place?

  • While writing the suggestions below I realized that the reason for the varying installation paths is that early on in the CONNECT Edition releases, in some cases we installed applications to folders labelled with the version number.

    We subsequently standardized the default installation folder names to support the application update services, in the case of OpenRoads to the third variation: C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE.

    I suggest that you remove OpenRoads from the two machines that use the numbered folders, delete any leftover folders then reinstall manually, checking that the installation path is the current default (ending in CE).


    To check that the layout has the correct values refer to the following notes:

    When you use the /layout switch to create a Deployment Image the choices that you make in the dialogs during the layout process are recorded in the layout file.

    This file will be named with a random string, e.g. {67abf9da-a8a4-4f01-907b-3270d6fca3e9}.lyt

    Please take a look at the .lyt file in your layout folder with a text editor (Notepad++ is a good free application for viewing xml and similar formats), the .lyt is an xml formatted file.

    Find the line containing "SharedConfigurationDirectory", it will be towards the end of the file in the Feature section. The path that you entered will be stored here, e.g.:

      <Property Id="SharedConfigurationDirectory" Value="\\SERVER\CONFIGURATIONS\CE\" Type="String" />

    If the path in the .lyt is correct, then take a look at "C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRail Designer xxxxx\Configuration\ConfigurationSetup.cfg", find out if the path stated on line 21 matches the one in your .lyt, e.g.:


    Normally this file should not be edited, but in this case if the wrong path has been written (somehow...) you can correct it.

    Note that line 26 of this file will either read:



    _USTN_CONFIGURATION = <your path>

    If it reads <your path> that statement will also need to be corrected.

    (Doing that is a bit more surgical than just uninstalling, deleting any remaining files then reinstalling.)