OpenRoads Designer Installed via Layout Installing To Different Folders


I have 2 users, both using OpenRoads Designer CONNECT.  User A has been using it since a really early version and gets his updates through CONNECT Client most of the time. 

User B just had the latest version (Update 4) installed for the first time along side Microstation CONNECT.

When I was asked to install the software on user B's machine, I made a layout image using the latest installer.  I only change the target of the workspace environment. Everything else is default.

After I installed it on the 2nd users computer, I got complaints that the configuration files weren't working right and the problem seemed to be that the folder names were different in C:\ProgramData. 

Sure enough, the oldest installation had a folder structure as C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer

The newer installation had a folder structure of C"\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer

After trying to manually remove OpenRoads from the older installation it would return to the same folder name.  I removed all folders and registry items with OpenRoads in the name manually prior to re-installation. 

I also ran the layout image on a 3rd computer that had no other CONNECT software installed.  It gave yet a 3rd folder name of C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE!

All 3 installations were from the same layout files.  How do I make sure these all install to the same place?