[CE] Task Menus - What does Bentley Consider to be the Connect Replacement

We are starting to evaluate our efforts to migrate to Connect Edition and with no "Menus" and ultimately Tasks being phased out, the question arises, "What does Bentley consider to be the Connect replacement for Tasks?"

There is only so much room in the ribbon. We used to use the Bill Steinbock MDL Barmenu for selecting items to draft. Sometimes, these were similar to a a settings manager item, but other times they were more like a task that was linked to a settings manager. And we had a unique barmenu mdf file for nearly every file/model type we had in our standards. I experimented making tasks from these and found that I ended up with many many task toolboxes. Far more than I think would be feasible to put into the ribbon.

And we tested enabling Tasks in Connect, but we actually will be using Open Road Designer and when you enable tasks in ORD, it breaks the Workflow menu, where a number of the workflows disappear and the only way to restore them is to disable tasks. If this bug can be fixed, I'd be content using tasks, as they look a lot like Tool Palettes in AutoCAD so I don't have to train a new "convert" how they work. As far as the bug is concerned, its been reported and supposed to have a defect report, but a number of new releases have been issued (more than 4) and it is still broken.