Saving Multiple MicroStation CE Ribbon (QAT) Customizations to Multiple XML files in Batch

We have several (20+) DGNLIBs used to define Quick Access Toolbars (QAT) for various user disciplines, and would like to be able to create a batch job that performs the RIBBON CUSTOMIZATIONS EXPORTECXML command against all of them, one by one, and write the output XML to a specific (or even the default) XML file without human intervention.    That is, within a batch job or script.

If you specify: RIBBON CUSTOMIZATIONS EXPORTECXML <filename.XML>, it 1) asks you if you want to save the file, and 2) it doesn't even save the file (that I can find).  Even if I leave off an output XML filename -- and allow it to write to the default location -- I still get a dialog confirming that I really want to write to the default file location (in my profile %temp% folder).  That works, but I cannot get rid of the confirmation dialog.

Two questions:

1. Is there any way to suppress the output XML file confirmation, either default location or a specific location? <-- (this is the primary concern)

2. When you specify an output XML file, it confirms your decision, but does not write to the file.  Is this by design?

Or, are we doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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