V8i SS3 Not loading RSC Fonts

Hi All,

Having some issues with getting MicroStation V8i SS3 ( to load some RSC files for MicroStation fonts.

The CAD Package / Workspace that we have is sent out to different Contractors to complete work for us and we were getting slightly different variations with some fonts. There is a RSC packaged in with the CAD Build and is pathed correctly in the PCF supplied. But it doesn't seem to be loading.

In the PCF file, this line is set, HPDIR is set and correct (image below). All other paths are correct as the DGNlibs and VBA files are loading without issue.

MS_FONTPATH = $(_HP_DIR)Font\HP_font.rsc

I found the issue was that some contractors had different RSC files in their Default system folder. Just for testing purposes, i have removed all of the Standards and System fonts installed with MicroStation.

We found a few fonts missing in our RSC so we went to add them using the Font Utilities MDL and there seemed to be no issue. The Font Utilities will load the RSC files and we can easily copy / import from other files. 

After that would still not get the fonts to load, we made a new RSC and copy in only the fonts needed just to test. This didn't work either.

In the image below, you can see that the Path is correct (we have confirmed this), you can also see that MicroStation has replaced the fonts.

I have read the 2 Wiki articles for issues with Fonts and both just say to ensure the path is correct and the file is not read only. Is there anything else that could be stopping this from loading? 

.Thanks in advance!