Workspace setup on Microsoft OneDrive?


I will be assisting a startup design firm nearby to get up and running with MicroStaion/ProjectWise (PW) - most likely only one license of each. 

Their filestorage is all in Microsoft OneDrive, a component of Sharepoint. For any projects on PW, they should be able to pull files, references, symbology, etc from the PW managed workspace. But for projects they may have not hosted on someone's PW, they will need a local workspace. How would one setup a local workspace for their use using OneDrive? I know it's possible to map OneDrive as a drive letter but it's also not advised (never mind having to log into every single PC with the credentials to map the drive letter). Has anyone got any experience setting up a Workpsace using OneDrive?  One can open files from One Drive with no issue - but getting the correct symbology and such is another matter. 

Any advice is appreciated!

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