import custom menus as contextual commands

One of our clients built custom menus in V8i and I have already imported them into a custom tab in CONNECT.  I would like  to have these items as contextual menus though.  I cannot find a tool, or method, that will allow me to do this.  Any recommendations?



  • HI Mike,

    I would like  to have these items as contextual menus though.

    in my opinion to answer your question important information are missing:

    • What product do you use? Is it MicroStation, OpenBuilding Designer or something else?
    • What version (build) of the product do you use? There are tens of different versions available and for some discussion the version is crucial because of known bugs.
    • What do you mean by "menu"? CONNECT Edition products have ribbons, so there is no "menu" anymore, only button menu(s).
    • Is you "contextual menu" something that existed in former customization and was lost during the migration or you want to add "context sensitivity" to your customization as a new feature?

    To provide a screen capture what do you mean or how the target situation should look like would help.

    I cannot find a tool, or method, that will allow me to do this.

    Without knowing whether you want to customize ribbon, V8i tasks, mouse menus or popups it's not possible to provide exact answer, because these GUI parts can be customized using different tools.

    But basic tool at background are Named Expressions, used by MicroStation to e.g. define what items will be displayed in right mouse button menu (RBM) depending on what element in what model is selected.

    When ribbon is customized, second core tool (feature) is Synt Item Event that defines trigger when Named Expression is evaluated, which allow to e.g. show/hide ribbon components when selection set is changed. It allows enhance ribbon in a way how table tools work: When table element is selected, new tabs are displayed.

    You should be aware that ribbon customization tools accessible from GUI are not bad, but still limited and not all features are available. There is another option - write special XML file to define ribbon customization - but it's quite hard-core solution with limited documentation (it's part of MicroStation SDK).

    With regards,


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