import custom menus as contextual commands

One of our clients built custom menus in V8i and I have already imported them into a custom tab in CONNECT.  I would like  to have these items as contextual menus though.  I cannot find a tool, or method, that will allow me to do this.  Any recommendations?



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  • I just thought it would nice for the users to have the context menus.

    I agree such idea is good, but my experience is that to customize context menu properly to keep productivity and UX (user experience) is a bit more complicated that to define simple menu. The mouse menu has to be kept short, which requires massive adaptation of Named Expressions. MicroStation V8i context menu is good example: Its definition in dgnlib is really complex and long, but the most of items is controled by show/hide expressions to ensure only "contextually valid" will be displayed.

    I thought of exporting the XML and modifying it, but that would take too much effort.

    Unfortunately it's true.

    to have the context menus

    I think it makes sense to split customization between "classic" context menu available at right mouse button and new pop-up (displayed using space bar).

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