Bentley EVD discount rate

I had the following email from Bentley the other day regarding te above:

Your EVD discount for your upcoming renewal on the 1st of September now stands at 3.2%.

That could be as much as 10% at the time of renewal if all your Bentley users moved over to using the connect edition of the software.

The percentage calculation is based on the usage of Connect edition against that of older versions, if in the next sixty days you move over to Connect edition usage, I will do a discount reset on the 31st of July to see how much more discount you can qualify for.

My response was as follows:

The problem is that a lot of the users are casual users (their main programs being Revit/AutoCAD) so getting to re-learn something new is far from ideal. I have tried to introduce CE to users but they just don’t like it!! Unless this changes then the migration to CE is not going to happen. Perhaps you have some ideas how I can do this.

I do use CE, albeit using Tasks (I don’t like the ribbon at all) and still find that it has a number of issues and doesn’t function as well as SS4. I quite often find myself going back to SS4 because CE doesn’t cope.

I look forward to hearing from you.

That was back over three weeks ago, and to date I have not had any response from Bentley. Perhaps someone from Bentley on this forum could respond to my queries?