[CONNECT] Disable Workset Verification

Hello everybody,

in our organization we work in a workspace/workset configuration within our cad operators have to load/open different dgn files not assigned to any worksets.

Is there an environment variable/method/function im CONNECT to suppress the workset verification? Because the dgn files were manipulated from different worksets. An assignment to only one workset isn't practical.

I moved the dgn files to directories the variables MS_WORKSETMISMATCH_ALERT_EXCLUDE_* are pointing to but at all times the workset alert message appers.

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  • The WAD is what it is doing is what i am saying. it was not designed to suppress the notification, it was designed to suppress the workset association therefore it associates no workset when file is opened. it appears you want to reassign a workset, whether it be No Workset or whatever, but i can see where that is not this variables purpose.

    As i stated above, i would like a variable to suppress the notice of different workset and just use the currently selected one to open file. it is up to the user/designer to select the correct workset to be in, therefore it should open the file and not enquire about previously assigned workset or tell you that it is different than what was branded on it before. reassign it and move on, nothing to see here.....

  • I think we both want the same thing.
    I want to suppress anything to do with the workset. not change or reassign just ignore it.

    as i run scripts all the time.