[CONNECT] Disable Workset Verification

Hello everybody,

in our organization we work in a workspace/workset configuration within our cad operators have to load/open different dgn files not assigned to any worksets.

Is there an environment variable/method/function im CONNECT to suppress the workset verification? Because the dgn files were manipulated from different worksets. An assignment to only one workset isn't practical.

I moved the dgn files to directories the variables MS_WORKSETMISMATCH_ALERT_EXCLUDE_* are pointing to but at all times the workset alert message appers.

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  • I have already posted this on the forum:
    Thanks to the likes of much smarter MicroStation developers than myself, and particularly to Jon Summers, Yongan Fu, Changsong Ling, Jan Šlegr , et al. we seemed to come up with a VBA solution that works for us, which allows us to turn ON & OFF the WorkSet Mismatch Alerts for a MicroStation session, or forever.
    I do not take credit for this code, but I do take advantage of it.  Thanks to all who contributed. By default, if you turn the Alerts OFF, you open DGN files without interruption, and use your currently-active Workset.  MicroStation ignores the DGN file's WorkSet brand.
    The three main methods are:
      WRK_TurnAlertsON - Turns them ON (as they are by default)
      WRK_TurnAlertsOFF - Turns them OFF
      OnProjectLoad - Turns them on if this is Auto-Loaded
    We have menu options that execute both of the above, plus the auto-loaded is for those who don't want to make the decision, and just want the Alerts to disappear.  Thanks all! g.houck
    Option Explicit
    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ' Enums Describing MicroStation Processing States
    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ' define the Batch Processing State values
    Public Enum PROCESSSTATE
        PROCESSSTATE_Inactive = 0
        PROCESSSTATE_Processing = 1
        PROCESSSTATE_Paused = 2
        PROCESSSTATE_Done = 3
        PROCESSSTATE_Cancelled = 4
        PROCESSSTATE_OpeningFile = 5
        PROCESSSTATE_AnalyzeFile = 6
        PROCESSSTATE_ClosedFile = 7
    End Enum
    ' Declarations into MicroStation DLLs
    Private Declare PtrSafe Sub mdlSystem_setBatchProcessingState Lib "ustation.dll" (ByVal procState As Long, ByVal s As LongPtr)
    Private Declare PtrSafe Function mdlSystem_getBatchProcessingState Lib "stdmdlbltin.dll" () As Long
    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ' OnProjectLoad - If autoloaded it will check Config Variable _WRK_WRKSET_ALERTS_OFF for Y|T|1
    '                 If set, it turns OFF Alerts
    '                 If you remove the Config Variable (flag) Code, it will always turn Alerts OFF
    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Public Sub OnProjectLoad(Optional ByVal IgnoreMe As Integer)
      Dim flag As String
      flag = UCase(Left(RTrim(LTrim(Application.ActiveWorkspace.ExpandConfigurationVariable("$(_WRK_WRKSET_ALERTS_OFF)"))), 1))
      If (flag = "Y" Or flag = "T" Or flag = "1") Then
        Call WRK_TurnAlertsOFF
      End If
    End Sub
    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ' WRK_TurnAlertsON - Turns WorkSet Mismatch Alerts ON
    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Public Sub WRK_TurnAlertsON()
        mdlSystem_setBatchProcessingState PROCESSSTATE_Inactive, 0
    End Sub
    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ' WRK_TurnAlertsOFF - Turns WorkSet Mismatch Alerts OFF
    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Public Sub WRK_TurnAlertsOFF()
        mdlSystem_setBatchProcessingState PROCESSSTATE_Processing, 0
    End Sub
    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    ' WKR_AreAlertsOFF - Returns TRUE if Alerts have been turned OFF
    '                    Assumes anything but PROCESSSTATE_Processing is FALSE
    ' ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Function WRK_AreAlertsOFF() As Boolean
      Dim rtc As Long
      rtc = mdlSystem_getBatchProcessingState()
      If (rtc = PROCESSSTATE_Processing) Then
        WRK_AreAlertsOFF = True
        WRK_AreAlertsOFF = False
      End If
    End Function
    Geoff Houck
    CAD Support | JLST | BPA
    4400 Bldg | LL | Vancouver, WA
    Office: 360.619.6720 | Remote: 503.781.5855
  • Hi Geoff, can you contact me directly about this VBA code?

    I have not been able to get this to work.



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