Copy files on workset creation


I think I've seen this question somewhere before, but I can't find it now (looked everywhere):

In my configuration, I want to separate our workset folder from our .dgnws and .cfg. The reason is on our server P:/ we store all our projects and we want them to be stored right in that folder, not under a workspace folder, nor do we want those configuration-files to clutter that folder. I've manage to set that up, so on R:/ we have workspaces (both it's folders, and it's cfg-files) and the worksets cfg and dgnws-files. And on P:/ we have the workset's folder with both models and workset-standards-folder. 

Now to the problem. With this set up the files and folders don't get copied from the template workset, to my P:/ location (or to the R: either for that matter). We've got to manually copy a folder, which not all users have accepted. 

Last time I saw this problem somewhere, I think one Bentley-employee answered this was a known problem, but this would get fixed. What's the status of this? 



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