CONNECT Advisor is annoying.  I don't know what it does, but it persists in loading itself automatically.  I've told it not to do that...


  • The CONNECT Advisor is a central tool we have provided with our CONNECT products as a central location to access Learn content, Community updates, Youtube videos and other information to assist you with the operation of the software you are currently using. The Contextual option can be quite helpful in locating various content specifically related to the tool you may select. It also contains a section to get assistance from an Expert Advisor.

    Unselecting this option as well as the "Use last session settings" should stop the CONNECT Advisor from opening when you startup MicroStation but many be related to your permissions to save these settings on your local drive or in the registry. It might be worth trying to "Restore default settings" and trying this again.

    Andrew Bell
    Technical Support
    Bentley Systems

  • Hi Andrew,

    The CONNECT Advisor is a central tool we have provided with our CONNECT products as a central location to access Learn content

    I agree with Jon for 100%. Maybe Bentley think they develop something useful that should work as "knowledge and learning central" (which is good idea in general), but reality is this is annoying piece of junk, designed and implemented at maybe university semestral work quality and completely ignoring reality of multi-language teams:

    • Exactly as Jon wrote, some updates break configuration, so Advisor loads every time even it's not allowed. I have seens this behaviour on different computers many times, the only solution is to manually delete Advisor configuration.
    • It slows down MicroStation starts.
    • It's slow extremely, so it cannot be used. Do you think it's useful to wait more than minute what is found to a tool context I am using in MicroStation?
    • GUI and usability is just average, even more not supporting high DPI monitors properly as any new software should do.
    • It steals dialog focus, so when doing something in MicroStation, "after a while finally started" Advisor dialog pops up on top of MicroStation. Is it serious piece of software?
    • It does not select what GUI language should be used.
    • Used languge ignores MicroStation language, which creates unfriendly situation when MicroStation is in one language and advisor in another.
    • Advisor localization (at least to Czech language) is completely wrong, the most of translations are rubbish in better cases, but often they are nonsense, leading to a conclusion it was translated using copy-paste from some Internet translator, without knowing context and even basic user testing.

    Because of these features and the fact Bentley are not interested in fixing the problems (the most of discussed issues I reported long time ago without any result, even some were confirmed), a standard MicroStation installation procedure always contain to uninstall Advisor.

    When anything is needed, it's much faster to open browser and to use Google / Bing / BE Communities search to find relevant information and discussions.

    With regards,


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