Swapping UPF files based on WorkSpace change

Is it advisable to swap the UPF (and the User settings files) file based on the WorkSpace? For instance you can define  the following variables in the WorkSpace.cfg file and have them change based on a  WorkSpace change. 


MS_DOCKINGPREF                          = $(_USTN_PREFNAMEBASE).docking.xml
MS_GROUPPANELPREF                       = $(_USTN_PREFNAMEBASE).GroupPanels.xml
MS_SAVEMENU                             = $(_USTN_PREFNAMEBASE).Attached.men
MS_USERPREF                             = $(_USTN_PREFNAMEBASE).upf

Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. What is Bentley's stance on this practice?

(I guess you could set it up on the WorkSet change too, but...)