Recent files list get's corrupt for a single user in MicroStation CE 13


We have a special problem in MicroStation CE 13 for a single user. The problem is, that his list of recent files get's corrupt if he opens an old DGN-file which has been opened in V8i before opening in CONNECT.

After he has opened a file which must be assigned to a new CONNECT-project (see picture below), all new files does not show up on the recent files list.

It has something to do with his UPF-file in the %LOCALAPPDATA% folder. If we delete it, the new file is useable and the recent files list show up correctly until we open a file which must be associated with a new workset.

We do have a lot of users using the same workset and workspace without problems, so we believe that it's a local problem.

I can upload the corrupt UPF-file if anyone would like to take a look on it.

Hope anyone can get a tip or a solution for coming further with this problem.


Rune H. Christensen

Reseller, LIFA A/S