[V8i] Is there any shared location between software packages?

We use a combination (depending on client, etc.) of MicroStation, Power GeoPak and Power InRoads. I am working to develop a network standard that can be shared by all users.

The easiest way I have found to point to my network resource is to include a Standards.cfg in the C:\ProgramData\Bentley\(package)\Workspace\Standards directory. This is working well, but I have three different packages, requiring three copies of the file. That's not so terrible, but it does open the door for a file not to be copied to one of them, or for the files to get out of sync when there are updates.

If I have more than one Bentley package installed on my computer, is there ANY shared directory/configuration that I could leverage to get all those packages on the same standards? Or do I really need to do my local work in triplicate?

Thank you.

  • How are you doing the copying of files Mary?

  • I think you can set an environment variable for _USTN_WORKSPACEROOT or _USTN_SITE and it’ll affect them all?



  • For what it's worth, this is how I control install locations via my hta app:


    At the moment I'm controlling aorund 8-10 install locations for applications and each needs to have out cfg file copied into the appl location. 

    This is done each time you start the hta and are deleted each time you close it.


    if MSpath.FileExists(AECOsim_ss3 & "AECOsimBuildingDesigner\config\appl\pw.cfg") then
    objFSO.CopyFile Site_Root + "MS811_SS3\Standards\data\std_appl.cfg" , AECOsim_ss3 & "AECOsimBuildingDesigner\config\appl\", OverwriteExisting
    end if

    if MSpath.FileExists(OPM_SS6 & "OpenPlantModeler\config\appl\pw.cfg") then
    objFSO.CopyFile Site_Root + "MS811_SS3\Standards\data\std_appl.cfg" , OPM_SS6 & "OpenPlantModeler\config\appl\", OverwriteExisting
    end if

    if MSpath.FileExists(IM_SS6 & "OpenPlantIsometricsManager\config\appl\pw.cfg") then
    objFSO.CopyFile Site_Root + "MS811_SS3\Standards\data\std_appl.cfg" , IM_SS6 & "OpenPlantIsometricsManager\config\appl\", OverwriteExisting
    end if

    if MSpath.FileExists(MS811nav & "Navigator\config\appl\pw.cfg") then
    objFSO.CopyFile Site_Root + "MS811_SS3\Standards\data\std_appl.cfg" , MS811nav & "Navigator\config\appl\", OverwriteExisting
    end if

    if MSpath.FileExists(OPPID_V8I & "OpenPlantPID\config\appl\pw.cfg") then
    objFSO.CopyFile Site_Root + "MS811_SS3\Standards\data\std_appl.cfg" , OPPID_V8I & "OpenPlantPID\config\appl\", OverwriteExisting
    end if

    if MSpath.FileExists(CEVW & "BentleyView\config\appl\pw.cfg") then
    objFSO.CopyFile Site_Root + "MSCE\Standards\data\std_appl.cfg" , CEVW & "BentleyView\config\appl\", OverwriteExisting
    end if

    if MSpath.FileExists(MSCE & "MicroStation\config\appl\pw.cfg") then
    objFSO.CopyFile Site_Root + "MSCE\Standards\data\std_appl.cfg" , MSCE & "MicroStation\config\appl\", OverwriteExisting
    end if


    If MSpath.fileExists (AECOsim_ss3 & "AECOsimBuildingDesigner\config\appl\std_appl.cfg") Then
    objFSO.DeleteFile AECOsim_ss3 & "AECOsimBuildingDesigner\config\appl\std_appl.cfg", force
    End if

    If MSpath.fileExists (OPM_SS6 & "OpenPlantModeler\config\appl\std_appl.cfg") Then
    objFSO.DeleteFile OPM_SS6 & "OpenPlantModeler\config\appl\std_appl.cfg", force
    End if

    If MSpath.fileExists (IM_SS6 & "OpenPlantIsometricsManager\config\appl\std_appl.cfg") Then
    objFSO.DeleteFile IM_SS6 & "OpenPlantIsometricsManager\config\appl\std_appl.cfg", force
    End if

    If MSpath.fileExists (OPPID_V8I & "OpenPlantPID\config\appl\std_appl.cfg") Then
    objFSO.DeleteFile OPPID_V8I & "OpenPlantPID\config\appl\std_appl.cfg", force
    End if

    If MSpath.fileExists (MS811nav & "Navigator\config\appl\std_appl.cfg") Then
    objFSO.DeleteFile MS811nav & "Navigator\config\appl\std_appl.cfg", force
    End if

    If MSpath.fileExists (CEVW & "BentleyView\config\appl\std_appl.cfg") Then
    objFSO.DeleteFile CEVW & "BentleyView\config\appl\std_appl.cfg", force
    End if

    If MSpath.fileExists (MSCE & "MicroStation\config\appl\std_appl.cfg") Then
    objFSO.DeleteFile MSCE & "MicroStation\config\appl\std_appl.cfg", force
    End if

  • Hi Mary,

    Each application does need to be told where to look for the shared configuration so your current solution is appropriate.

    I don't know if setting _USTN_SITE as an environment variable would be read by the applications, but if it did there would still need to be other configuration statements to get everything in the right place that would not work with environment variables.