[V8i] Is there any shared location between software packages?

We use a combination (depending on client, etc.) of MicroStation, Power GeoPak and Power InRoads. I am working to develop a network standard that can be shared by all users.

The easiest way I have found to point to my network resource is to include a Standards.cfg in the C:\ProgramData\Bentley\(package)\Workspace\Standards directory. This is working well, but I have three different packages, requiring three copies of the file. That's not so terrible, but it does open the door for a file not to be copied to one of them, or for the files to get out of sync when there are updates.

If I have more than one Bentley package installed on my computer, is there ANY shared directory/configuration that I could leverage to get all those packages on the same standards? Or do I really need to do my local work in triplicate?

Thank you.