GUI DGNLIB is not editable on the Network

I have a DGNLIB that was ported over from V8i to CE that will not let me edit if located on a Network drive.  If I copy the .DGNLIB back to my Profile and change the name from UM-menu.dgnlib to Personal.dgnlib all of my customized menu items are editable (BOLD).

Once I take this file and copy it back to my network drive (that I have full permissions on) and rename it back to it's original name and delete my Personal.dgnlib all menu items are grayed out and not editable.

Any ideas?  (dgnlib file is attached).

File location Not editable:  P:\CAD\Bentley\UMConnectConfiguration\Organization\Dgnlib\Gui\UM-menu.dgnlib

File location fully editable:  C:\Users\mitil\AppData\Local\Bentley\MicroStation\10.0.0\prefs\Personal.dgnlib


Off network named UM-menu.dgnlib:

Same file on local C: drive named Personal.dgnlib: