Wacom Intuos 2018 entry-level drawing tablet


Is there anybody there knowing if it is possible to use a drawing tablet instead of mouse in Bentley?



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  • Hi,

    I use a medium size Wacom Intuos Pro.  My reason for it is purely for my bad wrist.  I can use the stylus more than a mouse without my wrist getting hurt. 

    I use my Intuos Pro as a mouse--meaning that the Wacom / Windows driver converts the signal from the tablet to a "mouse signal".  I do not setup up anything in Microstation for "digitizers"--Microstation just sees a "mouse" connected to the system.

    -My wrist feels better
    -It's easier to "write" with my mouse, but that is usually more for graphics programs than drafting.
    -I enjoy where-you-point-is-where-you-get.

    -No mouse wheel on the stylus.
    -I use multiple screens, so the tablet area to screen area is small, making my mouse a little harder to control.  (I use "where you point is where you get" mode.  IE, if I place my stylus in the top right corner of my tablet, my mouse will be in the top right corner of my screen.)
    -Double clicking with the tip can be hard. Because it is a vertical motion, you have to keep the stylus vertical.  Also, after you click, raise up and come back down to click again, the mouse can move by a pixel or two--this sometimes causes issues.
    -Desk space--the larger the tablet you get, the less space you have on your desk.  If you get too small of a tablet (especially for multiple monitors), where-you-point-is-where-you-get becomes too sensitive and almost useless.  (Mouse mode would still work o.k.)