How to control the folder for the "Browse" button in the WorkPage?

When I start MicroStation (CE Upd.13) the recent files will show in the Work Page. In the Work Page there's also a "Browse" button to find another file. When I hit the "Browse" button it will open in the recent used folder (that's controlled and stored by the user preference file).

I some cases I have placed a shortcut to start MicroStation in a specific folder and I would like the "Browse" button to look in that specific folder (using fx $(_WORKDIR)). So I'm seeking a possibility to control in which folder the Browse button will open ...fx a variabel similar to the one when browsing for references: MS_REF_DEFAULTATTACHDIRECTORY. could be MS_DGN_BROWSE_DEFAULTDIRECTORY :-)

In other words: I want to be able to ignore the recent folder stored in the user preference file and use a variable to control the "Browse folder". I know the presences of MS_DEF and _USTN_WORKSETDGNS but as far as I can see they only "works" the first time a new WorkSet is chosen (afterwards the upf takes control).

The reason why I'm askinng is that I want to minimize the number of WorkSets or upf files.

Best regards