Open MicroStation Connect in a specific workspace

I've build a configuration with three workspaces, each for a different client. Each client has his own projects, so I populated each workspace with appropriate worksets for client's projects. Organization level stores my company overall settings and libraries. Now I like to start MicroStation in one specific workspace so my user directly can select a project to work with associated tot that specific client. The command line argument -wk would do the job, except that It MUST be used in combination wit the -ww argument.

Is there another way to start MicroStation forced to land in a specific workspace without having to specify a workset?


  • You could try setting this configuration variable in a configuration file or using the -ws command line argument.

    _USTN_WORKSPACENAME = <name of your workspace>

    There is also this variable that sets the full path to the workspace .cfg file.


    I don't know if either of these tricks will work, as I would think if this were possible you could specify -wk without having to also set the -ww command line argument.

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst