DGN File name as a text string in microstation version 7 drawing

We have isometric drawings extracted from Intergraph PDS in microstation version 7.

As a part of title block, we need to Display the file name on isometric title blocks.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this.



  • Hi Bhushan,

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    As a part of title block

    What you "title block" is? Can you provide some example? Usually title block is created using tags, but every user does it in a different way.

    we need to Display the file name on isometric title blocks.

    MicroStation V7 is unsupported version for very long time, also DGN V7 format is very limited, so the is not many way how to achieve it.

    In MicroStation V7, I guess the only way is to write own application (MicroStation BASIC should be enough), and run it in batch process with all created drawings.

    When newer versions and newer formats can be used, there are more options available:

    • In V8 / V8i / CE, still DGN V7 used, macro can be written in VBA, which is better and more user friendly tool than old MicroStation BASIC
    • When DGN V8 is used in combination with V8i or CE, texts or item types can refer to the design file name automatically.

    With regards,