Configuration Setup of MS_CELL

I am using MicroStation CONNECT on Windows 10.

The setting for MS_CELL keeps changing back to a previously set value.

I have Microstation Workset setup (TEST) on a network.  The TEST.CFG has MS_CELL set up to look at two folders (Z:/Microstation/ALL/Cell/;Z:/Microstation/SPECIAL/cell/).  I looked at the TEST.cfg file and see that it is set correctly.  I have not set MS_CELL in the personal.ucf file.  When I load Microstation the MS_CELL reverts to a folder I used some time ago i.e. it is set to MS_CELL=C:/Cell Library/. When I check my workset configuration with key in MDL LOAD CFGVARS WORKSET TEST I see that it has changed to MS_CELL=C:/Cell Library/.  Why?  It has been driving me crazy.  Where is Microstation getting this value (C:/Cell Library/) from?  Can someone help me?