How can I get this line from my ucf to where other users can have it load without messing with THEIR ucf

I found this line of text I had put into my ucf a while back. For some reason it did not work when I put in and that was SS9. I remembered it and tried it again this time with SS10 and I was thrilled to see it worked to print linestyles, at least that's what I think happened.

Anyway, this is the line from my ucf: MS_PLT_DESIGN_SCRIPT_USE_POST_STROKE_LINE_STYLES = 1

I do some tweaking of my ucf when I want things to happen for me. Now that I see that this works I was hoping there was a way to get this to everyone else without messing with their ucf since 95% of them use Microstation as is.

Thank you in advance for any assistance