[MS CONNECT U14] Multiple Worksets read on startup


when I choose a workspace it seems that Microstation is reading more workset config files than only the last active one.


  • I have two worksets 1, 2 and 3 inside Workspace A
  • In all three worksets I have created and opened files Test1.dgn, Test2.dgn and Test3.dgn
  • I choose A3, open a file and close Microstation
  • Next time I open Microstation the Welcome Screen would display Workspace A, WorkSet 3 (last active configuration)
  • I added %echo to each Workset cfg file to test which one gets read
  • When I start Microstation I get the following output:

"Test3 read." -> Okay, last active configuration
"Test3 read." -> Again?
"Test1 read." -> Huh? That wasn't expected.
"Test3 read." -> One more time??

That makes me think that not only Workspace A and Workset3.cfg is read (multiple times) when starting Microstation but also other workset cfg files.
Furthermore it seems that not ALL cfg files get read, because there is no "Test2 read." Testing some it seems that  only Workset 1 is read though not choosen.

Maybe I did something wrong? Or maybe this is by design? Or a defect? Could someone please verify this behaviour or give me a hint into the right direction to fix this?

Best regards

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