GEOPAK V8i SS4/SS10 install to user account

After pulling most of my hair out trying to create an automated way of upgrading our GEOPAK V8i SS4 installs to V8i SS10, we have finally identified why we are having so many issues with installs and uninstalls.

It seems that whether its something we did or something that changed in GEOPAK V8i SS4 installer, but the application installed to the user account instead of to all user accounts like GEOPAK V8i SS2 did and all other releases of MicroStation, InRoads, and all the other Bentley products we use.  Due to this we were never able to get GEOPAK SS4 to install via SCCM until I later found I needed to install it as the user and not Admin.  So, with this, our environment of how GEOPAK V8i SS4 was installed is very inconsistent.

Now that we are trying to upgrade to GEOPAK V8i SS10, we've been finding that unless you install SS10 with the same account that SS4 was installed with, it leaves SS4 on the system instead of upgrading and causes errors when launching SS10 (related to Heasted).  We also can not uninstall GEOPAK V8i SS4 unless the uninstall is ran with the same user account that it was installed with.  GEOPAK V8i SS10 we also found installs like SS4 where it installs to the user account it is ran with instead of all user accounts.

With the inconsistency of how SS4 was installed, not knowing what user account was used, it is becoming very difficult to upgrade to SS10 in any kind of automated manner via SCCM.

Has anyone else ran into this, or does anyone have any suggestions?  At this point, I'm just preparing to tackle this one computer at a time, which is not desirable with almost 90 systems to upgrade.  This issue seems to be unique to GEOPAK.

Thank you