CONNECT Worksets

As we are beginning to work with MicroStation and ORD CONNECT, I am seeing that some clients are using Worksets as the project directory.  This seems to conflict with our firm's standard project directory and seems to create a bit of additional administration to create the worksets/project structures in addition to the project directories our firms systems generate at project initiation.

We have a handful of clients in CONNECT now, and it appears it will be a regular thing where a Workset is going to need to be created for each project with those clients.  The way I initially set up our CONENCT Config is on a network share that does not have write access to users.  By default, the Worksets go to this network location, so I'll have to create them.  One client, we have part of the Workset built into our project structure and then have to reconfigure the CFG files to point to it.

I wanted to get a feel for how others are handling Worksets and how/if they integrate with your firm's project structures, especially if a client's workspace is configured to be the working location for design and sheet files.

Thank you

  • We help clients do this quite often. They work with multiple DOT's, each with a different workset/project structure, and need to transform each one to fit into their internal company's project folder standard.

    Yes, it is an additional step to add to your firm's systems to generate a new project.

    It is a good idea to separate your WorkSet config files from the actual project folder that stores all of the dgn files. Keep the WorkSpace/WorkSet .cfg's in a folder that all but a few users have read-only access to. You will want to create your own WorkSet template .cfg file that redirects files and folders to your company standard project location. To create a new WorkSet you will just copy your template, rename a file or two, and you're set to go. 

    It's always been a bit of a challenge to make multiple DOT configurations work together in a single environment as they all have their own way of doing things. Fortunately, in the ORD environment many have followed Bentley's blueprint making things much more consistent and easier to set up.

    Rod Wing
    Senior Systems Analyst