Missing some but not all user toolboxes in dgnlib after upgrade

Good day all.

I've encountered a problem in which some (but not all) of the custom user toolboxes set up in a dgnlib file are not appearing after upgrading to the latest version of MS SS4 (

There are two in particular which I know still exist in the dgnlib file, as they're available to all other users in my office, who are using a somewhat older version of SS4 ( But on this machine, it simply looks as if they don't exist. I couldn't find any information about this particular issue, and I can't think of anything about those toolboxes that sets them apart from the others, aside from the fact that they contain more tools.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: I noticed after posting that I'm experiencing a very similar situation with some VBA modules. The VBA Projects are all present, but a number of modules are missing from the project when I access it using the VBA developer in my copy of MS (the upgraded one), whereas they're all present when accessed from a different copy of MS.

Further Edit: I've now discovered that my dimension and text styles are also not being read. More specifically, a dimension style is being read (named PCS), but it's styled differently and I'm unable to update from library.