Unable to run Microstation CE update 13 & 14

I need your help regarding the following problem:

1. I am able to run Microstation CE update 12 on the computer

2. I am NOT able to run Microstation CE update 13 & 14 on the same computer. I mention that the splash screen appears the for a short time comes an empty MS  window on whole screen, then MS exists. No exception is found in my ... temp\Bentley directory.

3. I am able to run on the same computer PowerDraft update 14 & View update 14.

Is anyone there that can help me? Any ideas?

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  • Hi Robert,

    I recommend to post a new question (optionally with link to Marc's answer) and do not steal the thread with a new topic.

    How are you supposed to test the updated version prior to committing to switch to it?

    In my opinion two main options exist:

    • To use dedicated PC. It's what I see as often used way at my customers, because usually it's not big problem to ask IT staff to provide an average PC for testing, or people use e.g. notebook when they have both desktop PC (workstation) and notebook.
    • To use virtualized Windows. There are several free virtualization tools that can be used to run "Windows in Windows". When workstation grade PC is used, it can provide even "work level performance" (the only exception is typically graphics). As an alternative, used sometimes by IT staff or developers, is to use cloud virtualization, when e.g. in Azure you just click "I want Windows 10 instance on this HW configuration" and after a few minutes it's available. When Azure is used already (so the knowledge exist and also it's paid), it's convenient and very fast solution.

    In my opinion it's not different from testing a majority of software I know today. Ability to install more versions separately is more and more rare.



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