Unable to run Microstation CE update 13 & 14

I need your help regarding the following problem:

1. I am able to run Microstation CE update 12 on the computer

2. I am NOT able to run Microstation CE update 13 & 14 on the same computer. I mention that the splash screen appears the for a short time comes an empty MS  window on whole screen, then MS exists. No exception is found in my ... temp\Bentley directory.

3. I am able to run on the same computer PowerDraft update 14 & View update 14.

Is anyone there that can help me? Any ideas?

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  • This is going to be a very significant problem supporting multiple DOT's in OpenRoads Designer.

    I agree with you and Mary, on the other hand it's not the primary topic of this thread and also it's another question from "can be MicroStation installed in parallel", so I think it should be asked and discussed separately, preferably in civil forum.

    I am not certain how we are supposed to work with multiple clients effectively when we are only allowed to run one version of the software.

    In my opinion there are more aspects to be discussed. There are some technical limitations and requirements defined both by Windows and used technologies (VBA, Parasolid engine...), where I assume (but have never studied it in detail) some workarounds exist, but not always applicable, and probably leading to more complicated and fragile code.

    When talking about MicroStation, the parallel installation is not supported by Bentley from (if I remember right) V8i (SELECTseries 2) and even before it was not recommended option for V8i. So to support different schemas and data structures versions have to be a responsibility of product teams. They have to (but obviously they do not) provide solutions or best practices. Because it cannot be expected that everybody will migrate at the same time.

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