Network install of MicroStation CE, Rel 14, "Configuration" folders.

I finally have come to a point where I believe I know what is happening; I just need to better understand why, and if anybody else has seen this issue.

In short, I am under the gun, trying to get ready for the end of year fun where SS4 goes "away", and have finally been digging into the Connect Edition variables for MicroStation and OpenRoads.

I have setup the network option of the setup, and am in the process of both understanding the new configs and "converting" the old.

So far, most of the old Bentley logic is still there, but there has been a little twist that had me flustered.


Under the "Configuration" folder, in "WorkSpaces", I understand and have configured my workspace configuration files and related folders. And, when I start MicroStation, they are all being read and populating my interface with the options as I expected.

Then, Under each ""WorkSpace" folder, I understand and have begun playing around with the "Worksets" folder. 

The instructions clearly show both the automated and the manual method for configuring these WorkSet files and folders, and for me, I prefer to do it manually first, because I'm the kind of guy that needs to understand all the variables before I release them to automatically do their magic. 

What was Interesting was that when I first used the create workset tool in the interface it did so, and the new workset showed up in the interface to select. However, when I manually created another with all the variables I needed, it would not show up as a selectable workset.

So, I took the .cfg file from the automatic setup test, and copied it to another generic name, and this one showed up in the interface to select.

So I assumed that somehow my configuration variables were FUBAR, so I took one of the automatic created files, and named it to replace the custom one I created in my test. With that name for the .cfg file, it DID NOT show up to select... Now I'm really confused.

So then, I selected another existing project from my SS4 collecting on the network, renamed one of the functioning workset .cfg files to that name, and it showed up in the MicroStation list to select.

Finally, I then took my same set of custom variables and put them into this new file, and not only did it still show up as a selectable workset, but all of my first run test variables worked as expected. 

My conclusion to all this was that for some reason, MicroStation refused to read that one file name that I first created. I believe this all proved that the variables I was playing around with were OK, and the act of simply tossing a file into that directory was also OK, even if not the prefered method.

Historically, MicroStation based programs would open and read any configuration file and spew out error messages if they were incorrect. But I have never seen it just ignore a file. I also checked Windows permissions and there was no issue there either.

My questions are:

Has anybody else ever experienced this and if so, what does one do?

I have come to the point where I can push forward, but this needs to be understood in case it happens again and I need to fix something.