Status of Enhancement #961901 (WorkSet Mismatch Issue) and Bentley's Course of Action?

We were wondering what kind of progress has been made on providing options for the WorkSet Mismatch issue, and what sort of solution Bentley is pursuing?

We do *not* want the WorkSet Mismatch notification simply turned off.  We typically want the currently Active WorkSet to be used for any DGN file that a user opens up, or at least have that option.

When Bentley was originally describing their ‘fix’ to this issue, they proposed setting it so the DGN file’s branded WorkSet (if any) was going to be the default; this is the opposite of what we usually want/need.

I amended our Service Request to Bentley to stipulate that we would like to have the following options:

1-leave it as is (notify of WorkSet mismatch)

2-use currently Active WorkSet

3-use the DGN file’s currently branded WorkSet.

We have over 20 WorkSets, and DGN files could be worked on by several overlapping WorkSet users, so if someone wants to batch Plot, or other operation, they want to use their currently Active WorkSet, and not be notified about a mismatch.  Other times, they may want the notification.  However, we definitely do not want to always use whatever WorkSet the DGN file is already branded with.

Are the above options being considered as a solution to the WorkSet Mismatch notification issue?



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