CONNECT configuration assistant tool shows blank list for V8i workspaces

To start I would like to note that I'm just the IT guy and my experience with MicroStation is limited to none. Where do I need to put my files so they will populate the drop-down list in the CONNECT configuration assistant tool?  I launch Connect, click file, click settings, click configuration assistant, configuration assistant opens, but the select V8i workspace drop-down is empty. There is no information provided in the program about where the program is looking or which files it is looking for. V8i was installed with all of the default values (IE file paths), so if the tool is looking in a default location it should see the files. Is there a way to export the workspaces from V8i SS2 to a format that Connect edition can handle? V8i SS2 is the version we have available. We don't have access to newer versions of V8i. We do have access to the older V8 but I doubt that will help in this situation.

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